AWESOME!! Food is totally on point- very authentic Armenian food!! I dont know what the sour reviews are for- someone with an axe to grind?? Service was as fast as anywhere else, food was fresh and actually delicious. Prices were a bit high but its was definitely quality fiod si cant even complain there. Nothing bad to say, and will def be back!!

We went to this restaurant before and took a couple of times their food out. This time we went for a birthday party. They renovated the space, it's much bigger and cleaner now. Their food is consistent and pretty good. Great pomegranate wine, which I unfortunately cannot find anywhere else. Very tasty eggplant salad and kebabs (we tried chicken and lamb). I did not like some appetizers but I am not a big fan of Mediterranean food in general. Also, the owner's wife does not smile but the service in general was fine.

We've gone here many times as a family, even before they changed the name, ordering off the Russian/Armenian menu. The redone space is much brighter and nicer, and we like the expanded menu. Chicken Tabaka is probably our favorite, together with the swordfish kebabs, but all the kebabs are good, and we really like the house salad. One thing to know - they make all of their dishes from scratch, so it takes longer, but the food comes out fresh and delicious, so it's worth the wait.  Several times when we were in a hurry but really wanted their food, we ordered ahead of time for a particular time, and the table was already set with food when we got there.

The meal was well  presented.  This is a dining experience if you would like to try a meal from the Caucus region. If you want take out chinese or pizza you wont get it. Very nice family with a nice mix of Newton residents. Some definately has it out for this interesting culinary experience. The appitizers and bread are  excellent and different. Try the eggplant and meal dumplings.

I do not understand the low ratings for this place. I love the food here. As a matter of fact I was a bit conflicted about writing a review here, because this is my hidden gem and I didn't want this restaurant to become crowded. However, it is upsetting to me that it has such unflattering reviews, with which I completely disagree. I have eaten here many times and brought my friends and family from out of town - everybody loves the food. Hachapuri is a must try. This is an appetizer that looks like a super cheesy pie. It arrives super with two eggs on top of it. Don't get freaked out by seeing raw eggs. Mix them up with bubbling hot cheese and they will cook right there and then. After that start breaking up the crust and dip into the cheese mixture - yum! All if the kabob entrees and chicken tabaka are juicy, fresh, perfectly spiced - finger-licking goodness all around! We usually order them with rice, because it is buttery and absolutely delicious here. You can also order them with potatoes, they are really good as well. Service can be a little slow at times, but that's because everything is prepared fresh, from scratch. We like eating outside there on a warm Sunday afternoon, it is very relaxing and we never feel rushed, like in other restaurants with outside seating.

There's something strange going on with this Yelp profile. There are many filtered reviews! And guess what, most of them are EXCELLENT. I have been at this restaurant at least 4 times and I have always left with a smile. The food is amazing, the service, if not excellent, is good and the experience overall is worth your money and time. Just one thing to keep in mind: it takes time for food to arrive. So be ready to order appetizers and patiently wait. Once the food is there, you will be in heaven.

This is my first time writing a yelp review - but it was a must after such amazing meal. This is a truly authentic Georgian-Armenian joint. The poor reviews that this place got is obviously written by those that do not understand this cosine. Khash - a cow feet soup - brought long forgotten childhood memories, (served with generous portions of bread, garlic, basturma, and pickles) was amazing! I will comeback just to have it again.  We also ordered khenkali and kharcho with were amazing and very authentic. Most of all you could taste how fresh everything was! Ambiance is nice - white table cloths, clean and small place with a very friendly server. What a gem for those who miss food from  Georgia or Armenia!! A must to try - but bring somebody with you who understands the dishes!!

well, if i could to give 10 stars i would def do it. The place is small, but nice and cozy, i just love this family restaurant, feels like i came to my dear friend for a good home food. OMG, the bread we had...OMG it was that good, i couldnt stop eating it and almost didnt have place for the main entries. The lamb  melts in your mouth, order it, order it!!! you will not regret it! The service is great, you will have to wait since everything is making from the scratch, which is worth it. i will coming back there. oh, and for the record, the place opens at 5pm from monday to friday, not at 11pm. We should up at 12pm, but got lucky coz they had a reservation and was open, makes me think they can make an exception for you if you give them a call earlier.

Really enjoyed our meal. Freshly prepared chicken kabobs and tasty hummus. Low key and exactly what we wanted to end the July 4th weekend.

The food here was truly great.  The cuisine that they serve is of the Armenian-Georgian type.  Many of the items in the "Appetizer" part can be treated as stand-alone dishes and are a real must if you want to try the cuisine of Caucasus. Here's the list of what we had: * Khachapuri.  This is actually Ajarian khachapuri -- a boat-like crunchy bread with raw eggs and cheese.  Excellent! * My guest also had "cheese pies" -- this is their name for the original khachapuri, a pastry made out of filo dough filled with cheese.  Uniquely Georgian food. * Home made basturma -- that's basically ham made out of beef, coated in spices.  It really was great, but very expensive! * Kharcho soup - made with lamb, * walnut-based paste wrapped in thin eggplant slices -- this was my absolute favorite!  Extremely good! If you like eggplant, you should _absolutely_ get this! * the biggest thing on the menu -- Khinkali.  Khinkali are large Georgian dumplings, filled with a broth and a lamb-beef meatball.  You are supposed to make a small bite  and drink up the broth, and then eat the rest. The food was really great, everything was fresh.  Also, for those khash-loving Armenians, this place does serve khash in winter (with a pre-notation).  And needless to say they also make khorovants (Armenian bbq) and kyabab and what not. p.s. some people here complain about rowdy, drinking clients...yes, Armenians are loud.  Loud and gregarious.  If you want an authentic place, that's part of the deal.  If you want a sterile Anglo-Saxon experience, go somewhere else. p.p.s. My message to the owners -- guys, why don't you choose a more descriptive name for your restaurant?  "Mediterranean Grill," really? :)

Absolutely amazing service and great food. We ordered Satsivi, Hachapuri, Lamb kabob, tabbouleh etc. and everything came out perfect and the server was very prompt and attentive. Would highly recommend.

Small family restaurant. Great food, good service. Reasonable pricing. Not fancy but, a great place to have family dinner.

Awesome Armenian food, probably the best in the Boston area. There isn't more to this to add - everything is made from scratch, the service is attentive, the pricing is fair.

Good Place, A little too cozy.! It's a family Bussiness. The food is very good! My only complaints are that sometimes they run out of their famous cheese pies, second it's takes way too long for the food to arrive sometimes and third the waitress sometimes doesn't pay attention and slacks off

Let me just put it out there that I live in Norwood, where there are approximately 12 Mediterranean restaurants. So is it worth a half-hour drive to visit this little place in Newton? Yes, absolutely. Food is authentic, but from the Caucasus region, so a different take on Mediterranean cuisine. Absolutely loved the house salad--a tomato/cucumber salad seasoned with dill and made exactly how my mom makes it (who, may I add, was born in Armenia) and I highly recommend everyone tries it. You also have to make it a point to try the khinkali (Georgian dumplings, which are shaped like giant Hershey's kisses) and khachapuri, a cheese pie with eggs in the middle, the national dish of Georgia. I didn't try the lula kebabs myself, but they looked (and apparently, tasted) delicious. Plus, everything took awhile as it was made from scratch, a definite plus in my book. This is a family-owned place, and they sure know how to make you feel like you stepped into their house for dinner. I noticed a couple reviews didn't appreciate that aspect--if you like a cold, sterile dining experience, look elsewhere, maybe head to a Applebee's. If you want a warm, inviting mom and pop business where the staff is friendly and talkative, and you want to experience what an authentic, home-cooked meal would taste like in another part of the world, head to Mediterranean Grill right away.

So on an oft-chance 4 of us decided to skip the usual suspects (other Newton restaurants) and drop in to Mediterranean Grill.  First off, understand that the name is a bit misleading as it is not your typical Lebanese or Syrian or Greek cuisine, but instead is Armenian.  Many menu items share a basis with the other ethnic diets but the taste and ingredients vary, much to our delight.  We had thought to order entrees but we could not pass sampling many of the starter appetizers and ended up making a meal of just these.  The picture taken is the "Mediterranean Platter" and see the comment !  Several of us had the Harcho soup and as promised it has a slight spicy after-taste to it - again wonderful.  The lentil soup is excellent for those choosing not to get a taste of the spice.Fish soup was tasty as non-cream fish chowder might be, but therefore a bit bland.  House salad must be tried.  The hummus platter, milder than you would get in a Lebanese restaurant which would be more garlic-flavored- was so large we struggled to finish it but somehow we did. This is a family owned store - and the family members could not have been more out-going and willing to just sit with us and talk.  The place is "casual" and not crowded.  It does cater to the Armenian-Russian population so don't be surprised to see a a group of 6 or 8 women getting together on an evening and having a great time out speaking Armenian.  Yet they were all most friendly. They do have to get their menu up on a web-site because with food as good as they serve and with cordiality that exists they would entice you in. Oh, and the cost?  Well, let's just say, we were very satisfied - not including wine, for 4 people including tip about $27., ---------------------------------------------------------------- So I wrote this review and then later decided to see what others had written.  Either those folks who wrote scathy negative reviews back some 4 years ago were in some other place and not here, or else everything has changed because if I could downrate those reviews I would.  The tables are not close together in contradiction to what Alex or Gleb both said in 2012 no idea where they were - not here. To Kelsey - as I wrote, Armenian hummus is not Lebanese Hummus so if you wanted a log=t of garlic, no wonder you were negative.

Best Lamb shank I've ever eaten , melts in your mouth ... so tender and moist. Accompanied by outstanding rice and beautiful fresh salad ! I look forward to my return !

We ordered Satsivi, Hachapuri, Lamb kabob, tabbouleh etc. and everything came out perfect and the server was very prompt and attentive.

Service can be a little slow at times, but that's because everything is prepared fresh, from scratch.”

Best food and the best service in Massachusetts. If anyone wants to really test Armenian food must visit this restaurant

This is a wonderful restaurant that serves very tasty Mediterranean and Armenian food. The atmosphere is very cozy and the owners are very attentive and friendly. Equally good for lunch and dinner, last weekend we used this restaurant for a birthday celebration. Even with 40 guests, there was still enough room for people to dance.

This place impresses with great options of food and sides for Mediterranean food lovers, and good atmosphere!

Best food in Newton. I'm Greek and I have to say the Mediterranean food here tastes like home. 10 out of 10 recommend.

Was here first time today. Food and service was amazing! Khingali and Lule Kebab was so delicious. Highly recommended and will go there again for sure !

wonderful discovery. will definitely come back to this place. wish people who reviewed it with one and/or two stars explained why, but they didn't comment at all...

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